What are metal stud partitions?

Subdividing an area has never been simpler. Using a metal stud partition system, a metal framework to which plasterboard is secured, makes it simple to create a non-load bearing dividing wall, enclosure or wall lining. Metal stud partitions locate into the floor where both sides of the stud work are clad with plasterboard. Adding insulation material within the partition void will improve the level of soundproofing if required. Finally, the plasterboard is taped, skimmed and painted or a decorative cover is bonded to the finished surface.

Benefits of metal stud partitions

Metal stud partitions are a quick method of installation rather than using a timber alternative and therefore makes the process much more cost effective. What makes metal stud a more high quality and long lasting option is the fact it is strong, lightweight and made from quality materials. Metal studs are durable which will eliminate any bowing that causes the jamming of doors and windows. However, the greatest advantage of using steel studs is that they eliminate pops in drywall. Because of this, there is little possibility of having costly call-backs and adjustments.

What can we offer you?

We take the installation of metal stud partitions very seriously and consider the composition of any partition; the level of fire resistance, moisture resistance and durability. Our experts can include any soundproofing insulation where necessary to create a high level of sound reduction in the chosen area. We will take into account your individual space and we have the ability to determine the exact specifications of your partition. High standards of design, manufacture and installation are a key element and we can manage your project with efficiency and professionalism. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements with one of our experts.



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